baptismColossians 2:12 says, “You were buried with Christ, and in baptism you were also raised with Christ.”

Baptism is a public expression of your personal commitment to Jesus Christ. If you’ve never taken this step of obedience in your relationship with Jesus, there is no better time than right now to sign up to do so.

Throughout the year, we have baptism services for those wishing to make this public expression of their faith. Dates and times for all of our baptism services are posted in the church bulletins 30 days prior so that interested persons can sign up for the service that best meets their need.

This is always an exciting time as many gather to witness the baptisms of family and friends. If you’d like to learn more about baptism and it’s meaning for Christians, please contact us for our next baptism date and instructional class. The class will last about 45 minutes and we will answer any questions you might have about baptism as well as give you practical information to make the most out of your baptism experience.