Every man has a zone of influence…our mission is to make yours positive and powerful. Here’s how:

GET IN… men become men in the company of other God honouring men.

Get in a group today. Doesn’t matter whether you are married or single, to successfully win the battles you face in your relationships with God and people, you need the encouragement and accountability of other strong men. To be a man of honour, you must be sharpened by other men who get your sword ready to fight in the open.

GET HEALTHY… your character and relationships are what’s important.

Nothing a man says, knows, believes, gives, or accomplishes will matter if your relationships with God and people aren’t healthy. Men who forget this, end up with tons of regret at the end of their lives and no man wants that.

GET STRONG… solid training is needed to be a good leader of people and a dedicated disciple of God.

Think special forces. Our mission is to make men highly effective in their environment. It’s an intense process but the results speak for themselves. Strong, God orientated leaders influence positively and provide hope and deliverance for the people they are called to influence and help. The world is waiting for more strong leaders.

GET GOING… there are missions in this life only you can fulfil.

You were created to live in this time in history for a strong purpose. It’s time to make your footprint on earth and to fulfil your God given purpose.

Men of Honour meet evey Friday at 05:45 at the Friends Office Training Room, 1st Floor, 146 Main Road (cnr. Main & Myburgh Streets, Somerset West. Please contact the church office for more details.

Current series: 5 DVD sessions – Simplify by Bill Hybels (Started 03 June 2015)