We use the word “value” to specifically communicate how the Friends family values one another. These express the relational heart of Friends.corevalues

  1. We love you for who you are and make an effort to really know you and stand alongside you so you feel safe and have a real sense of belonging.
  2. We earn your trust and hold your best interests at heart so that you feel that we want the best for you and communicate with honesty, openness and integrity.
  3. We demonstrate the principle of giving freely of our time, talents and resources to meet needs to encourage you to enjoy finding ways to serve others.
  4. We seek God’s presence and give the Holy Spirit room to direct our worship times to help you fall passionately in love with Jesus and feel released to worship Him.
  5. We engage in visible activities which demonstrate that God cares for our city and community so that you know that you are part of a church which takes a stand against injustice.
  6. We value your growth and maturity as an individual more than your role or function so you can commit to growing in the fruit of the Spirit and feel you are being fed and nurtured.
  7. We help you find real answers for day to day challenges so you can find help with things you are facing.