Giving to God and what He loves is worship.

worshipWhat people do with their money and how they use it is the single most accurate indicator of a person’s relationship with God. If they are not using it to worship God and honour Him, they are using it against Him.
Among other things money in the kingdom of God means the following:

God has blessed you (Exodus 23:25)
You bless God (Nehemiah 10:35)
Others exalt God when they see how He has blessed you (Nehemiah 2:17)
His church functions as God intended (Nehemiah 10:39)
The needs of others can be met (2 Corinthians 9:2)
Satan schemes are defeated (Nehemiah 13:5)
Eternity is impacted (Matthew 6:19)

At Friends we practise the highest levels of integrity and have external auditing to ensure we are good stewards of God’s resources. We encourage all our family members to do likewise. Our books are open for any member of the Friends family to scrutinize. Contact us to make an appointment.
There are two ways to give:

During the Sunday morning service.
By directly depositing it into the church bank account. This is the most secure way of giving and reduces the risk of our volunteers having to carry amounts of money to the bank. Why not consider setting up a stop order. Take the following banking details to your bank and they will set it up for you.

Account details:

Friends Christian Fellowship

First National Bank Somerset West

Account No. 62563202309

Branch Code 200512