God sees lonely, hurting, searching people coming to find true friends who welcome them with unconditional love, acceptance, and encouragement to reach their full potential, and guidance how to do it.

God sees every person in the Helderberg area coming to a life changing relationship with Jesus, as the Truth is shared with passion, love and power wherever people gather.

God sees a people so in love with and obedient to the Holy Spirit, and who are so hungry for the truth of Jesus, that He confirms His word with His miracle working power. God sees ordinary people being inspired and empowered to do extraordinary things, where lives are transformed, families healed, communities released from evil oppression and the name of Jesus edified wherever people gather.

God sees people being equipped for faith-inspiring ministries that bring His Presence before every person’s eyes, where the blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb speak, the lame walk and the wonderful name of Jesus is edified through the miracle-working power of God.

God sees a place of fellowship, love, teaching and influence where there is 24 hour passionate prayer as people are taught, shown and inspired to pray, bless and influence lives and events in surrounding communities, schools, businesses, organizations, media, and governing authorities.

God sees youth and children attracted to lively, vibrant, inspiring relationships, where Jesus becomes a reality in their lives, where the presence of God overwhelms doubts, reveals truth, sanctifies them and empowers them for mission and ministry to others.

God seesfacilities which enable the fulfillment of this vision: spacious, able to accommodate many hundreds of people, simple in design yet which stands in its beauty as a testimony of Hope. God sees a prayer wall encompassing the facility designed and laid out in such a way that hundreds of people will be drawn there to pray every day. God sees diverse services ministering to different congregations and rooms where Bible study, discipleship and life skills classes are being taught alongside various community empowerment lessons every day. God sees spacious green areas filled with children playing and laughing where all children are welcome and loved and where they experience a caring commitment to their well-being.

God sees new churches planted out regularly in communities that lack their own center of Christian influence with the prayer, preparation and expectation that each one will significantly impact those around them.