A Prophetic Picture Given To Friends Christian Fellowship

Received on day 27 of our congregational 40 day fast

I saw a picture of a net and immediately thought it was a fishing net. But then I found myself under water, under the sea being taken along looking at a long net and I realized I was looking at a shark net. There were sharks on the far side of the net and people playing in the shallow waters and on the beach on the near side of the net. The net was to keep the sharks out and the people safe.

As I was being led along the net I saw a hole. It was a small hole but it was unraveling fast and getting bigger all the time.

I asked, “What is this Lord?”

He replied, “My church is living with a false sense of security. They are having fun, making a lot of noise, living in their comfort zones, but oblivious to the fact that there are gaps in the net.”

Then I saw many sharks meeting outside the hole and examining it. They put a sign over the hole in the net. It read Comfortable Praise. I immediately knew that gap in the net should not be there. Small sharks were already swimming through the hole towards the people in the shallow sea. Most of the people did not realise what was happening.

I was wondering what I should do when something like a teleprompter appeared and words started scrolling on the screen.

“Fix the holes,” I read. “Call the people to praise. Call them out of the shallow waters. Call them out of their comfort zones. Call them to the net in the deep water and let them praise Me with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.”

Some came and tried to hold onto the net on the sides of the hole. They were being stretched and they were alone. Others came and praised God with passion and wholeheartedly. The hole stopped unraveling.

The teleprompter started again. “It will take everybody to close the gap. Call them again.” As I called, many were making excuses not to leave the comfort and the security of the shallow sea. Some were frightened and were leaving the sea altogether and were walking away.

“I’m too old,” some said. Others were saying, “I can’t sing. I don’t know the words. I’m tired. I’m too young. I’ve never done this before.”

With each excuse, the net started unraveling again. I looked towards the hole and a huge shark with a smile on its face started swimming determinedly towards the gap in the net. It seemed to know the hole was big enough for it to swim through. Its eyes glowed as it considered the people it was about to attack.

I panicked at this sight. I screamed both to God and the people. Then all the people saw the shark. Some immediately left the water saying they would never swim in the sea again. The others rushed towards the net. As they all began to praise and worship the Lord together in one voice and in unity – I saw the net closing. It seemed to be closing by itself. Then it seemed as if a special light was switched on. While it was on, I could see angels stitching the gap closed. They were using special thread called The Praises of the Saints.

Then again I was taken along the net. I was shown another hole. I was distressed that there was another gap in the net. Again I saw many different sharks meeting on the far side of the net. These were different sharks. Ugly sharks. They were very black and their eyes seemed to penetrate my mind. They were putting a sign up over the hole. The sign read Comfortable Prayer. This gap was also unraveling rapidly, but nobody was paying any attention. Many people were playing and splashing each other in the shallow waters. They loved being splashed with a little spray of water by one another. They were shouting, “Splash me, splash me too.” They closed their eyes as they were splashing each other.

The teleprompter appeared again. “Call the people to pray,” it said. So I called and I called. But they were so comfortable splashing each other and closing their eyes that they did not hear me or see me trying to attract their attention.

“Call louder. Look what is happening at the net.” I looked at the net and the hundreds of ugly (almost deformed in appearance) black sharks with glowing eyes were about to swim through the gap in the net.

I screamed to get the people’s attention. Some came immediately and began praying at the net. They tried to stop the net unraveling further. They held on to the sides of the hole and tried to pull them together. But all they could do was hang on. The sharks knew they would soon get weary and then the sharks could quickly swim through. I knew there was no time.

The teleprompter was flashing, “URGENT! URGENT! Call the people to pray.” Suddenly the people who were splashing each other heard the call. Some rushed out of the sea. Many started making excuses why they could not pray.

“I’m not the praying type. I don’t pray in public. I have my own prayer time at home.” Some started accusing each other. “You hypocrite, you can’t go and pray, look at your life.” The sharks got so excited as they heard all these remarks.

“It’s nearly time,” they said. “It’s nearly time.”

Words appeared on the teleprompter. “It needs all the people to fix the gap in the net. Call them again.”

As I called, this time almost shouting with desperation, some other people suddenly also saw the sharks and vigorously encouraged each other. Many came to the gap in the net and began praying. As more and more people came and prayed, the hole in the net started closing and the sharks began swimming around frantically knowing that both gaps were now closing. Again, it seemed as if a light was turned on and I could see angels sewing the gap up with thread. The thread was called The Prayers of the Saints.

I saw a group of people on the beach. I did not recognise any of them. They were of different cultures, languages, races and ages.

“Who are they,” I asked the Lord.

“These are the ones I am bringing to you when my church moves out of it comfort zones. These are the ones I want to add when you close the gaps of Comfortable Praise and Comfortable Prayer. When there are no gaps in the net, and my church is a safe place, I will add to your number.”

I was then taken to Acts 16:25 and I watched as Paul and Silas sang hymns to the Lord and prayed from their jail cell.

“Watch me as I move upon their situation,” the Lord told me. Suddenly I saw every chain come apart, every lock unlock and every door open. I saw the jailer come in and I saw the love of Christ permeate the place and the jailer and his family becoming believers.

“Do you know why I moved in such a way?” the Lord asked me.

“Why, Lord?” I asked.

“They knew there was no answer to their situation in the natural. They were operating in the supernatural. They know there is supernatural power in praise and in prayer. They connect with me, and my supernatural power, by operating in the supernatural themselves. When will my church understand this? When will my people enter into this supernatural realm for themselves? They have everything they need. Call the people to enter into that supernatural level. It will take everyone to commit to praising me wholeheartedly and praying to me passionately as if their lives depend on it. For indeed they do.”

Then the Lord told me to write down what He was about to say next, and tell it to the people.

“IF you will commit to operating in the supernatural through wholehearted praise and united prayer, THEN I will commit to bringing My supernatural Presence to you.”

I wrote it down with capital letters for IF and THEN, as the Lord directed.

Bruce Jackman

Received from the Lord Saturday 27 March 2004

Communicated to the congregation of Friends Christian Fellowship on Sunday 28 March 2004.