2boysThis is the real life story of our two boys who were born with severe food allergies, (us) their parents, and above all the encouragement, grace and power of Jesus in our lives.

Both Roald (11) and Eon(8) were diagnosed with with severe and even life threatening food allergies when they were babies.   listShow slide1(attached)

Under the supervision of a paediatrician who specialized in allergies we tested Roald for a minute amount of egg and milk at age 3 ½. He said that most children outgrow food allergies by age 3. But Roald’s body reacted severely with his face turning red and swollen and he had difficulty breathing. Probably the most known health expert in the world today (whose name is not relevant) writes in his books that he has never seen people grow out of allergies as severe as these.

We are very proud of how they handled the challenges that came with living with allergies. Whether it was visiting friends, going on outings, lunch break at school, special occasions at school like fun days, or birthday parties where they always had to go prepared with something of their own to eat and having to see how the others enjoyed their treats, Roald and Eon never complained. They were also very blessed as others went out of their way to serve them by making things they could eat. So we could see God’s goodness in them and through others and thought it was OK and “enough”, but that was only part of the truth of the fullness of Jesus.

Towards the end of 2009 we became part of Friends which led us to move closer to God and getting to know Him better through His Word. And then God turned ‘getting by’ with the allergies on its head! One day I felt God say to me: “Ask Me for their healing”. And so started our journey of believing Jesus for their health, a journey because although we participated in the many times people were prayed for, when we pinned names on the cross, prayed for healing at Believe meetings etc. they were not healed instantly. But, every time it was a step of faith closer to God’s perfect timing.

God is faithful. In the years that followed He gave He encouraged us through scripture, prophetic words and pictures. I will share just a couple of examples with you.

In Nov 2011 I was looking at a photo of Roald eating and I had a sense that God was saying there will be a time when they will be able to eat real ice-cream. So I asked Him: ‘why ice-cream?’. His answer was: ‘to correct that previous time you tested the dairy allergy with ice-cream’. So we bought a small tub of ice-cream to keep in the freezer for the right time!

In June of 2012I felt led by Holy Spirit to enter into warfare in prayer for the boys, and also to pray in the same manner for two other people. And when I was finished He reminded me of His words: freely you have received, freely you give. And, every blessing You pour out, I’ll turn back to you. In Sept of 2012 we had them tested again, still positive. But in November at a special Believe prayer meeting for healing He gave this word through someone: These things you have been praying for will come to pass in My time.

During February and March of 2013 Holy Spirit inspired me to paint a portrait of each boy and He gave each portrait a title with a prophetic message. I had such a sense that their healing was nearer. Warfare prayer in May.Specific scriptures to pray over the boys in June. These all dealt with honouring Jesus linked to a promise of good health. So we put it up on their wall and anointed them with oil and the Word.  One of these scriptures was from Malachi: “But for you who revere My Name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings.”

In August , while listening to the song with those same lyrics, worshipping, I suddenly felt as if I was in the spiritual realm and led by Holy Spirit to cry out to Jesus for their healing. And with boldness that only comes from Holy Spirit I said to Him: “Father has promised that I can keep on asking for Roald and Eon’s healing. I know from your word that You do what You see Father is doing. Will you please lay your hands on them so they will be healed?” And suddenly Jesus was right in front of me with the most loving, inviting, radiant eyes. He answered me with reference to three specific scriptures as I asked Him more questions. One of them was: “When Lord? Father has told me to ask years ago. What if it is not soon? I believe, please help my unbelief.” Every time He also said: “Your prayers are being answered.” And then He said: “Go on, just as the lady with blood issues reached out in faith, you now reach out and touch me.”   I was thinking, but You are Jesus. Still smiling, He said: “Go on, you are righteous.” So I did.

There were three more things God wanted in place.Remember, those scriptures on the wall all had to do with putting Jesus first. And all the while I was asking, practically, how do we do it? On 1 September God gave the answer. Homeschool. Take that extra time and make Me the centre of everything, honour Me above all and everything. So as the boys learnt from Abraham to believe God and His promises and they kept on thanking Him through the years that He would heal them, now they were growing in practically honouring Him.

The second was for me to learn how to speak blessing from the Word over them. And the third had to do about a heart attitude of thankfulness. What a graceful heavenly Father who, instead of reprimanding them, sent them on a vacationin April of this year to learn to be able to say: “I am over-satisfied!“.

And then in the second week of the vacation we discovered that they accidently ate bread with dairy, and there was no allergic reaction. So, once we were at home we took that ice-cream of 2011, scraped off the ice, and gave each one a teaspoon of real ice-cream. And there was no allergic reaction. But as their responsible parents who really wanted to give them more ice-cream, I asked Jesus for confirmation. Holy Spirit led me to the passage of the woman with the blood issues (remember it was the last thing Jesus referred to in that special prayer time). He directed me specifically to the Message. I am substituting “you”, the woman Jesus was talking to, with “they”, the boys. Show slide 2Matt 9:20-22. “THEN HE REASSURED HER: ‘COURAGE DAUGHTER. YOU TOOK A RISK OF FAITH, AND NOW THEY ARE WELL. ‘   AND THEY WERE WELL FROM THEN ON.