This is the cautionary tale of a girl who went to church camp…

This is the cautionary tale of a girl who went to church camp (which was great and challenging and I was already having to work though some emotion…) and returned home, had a conversation with a someone which seemed to let the air out of the balloon, the fizz from the champagne (I don’t think I will ever be grown up enough, or be sophisticated enough to like champagne), the bubbles from the Coke a Cola (gross stuff), you get the picture?  (Gee whizz, that is a long sentence!)

You might never have been on a church camp, but you may have been to the to that concert or that event, where for that moment you felt alive and excited.  The reality is the moments never last.  The problem is we rely on the moments to fill our tanks.
The air at the top of the mountain is pure, clean, sweet even.  We don’t, however, live on the mountaintops.
The sunrise on our first morning of camp. Wow, right?!
Me, leading of the game for our family games evening.  It was fun.
I remember reading an article just before I got married, that was about brides who poured so much effort into the wedding day, but not into preparing for marriage and their marriages failed.
Don’t get me wrong, I love concerts, events, weddings, church camps, but they don’t sustain us.
Our house is in a valley.  It is home, we are happy, but it feels colder in the valley.  The sun’s rays don’t shine as brightly.  I love our house, but I don’t survive living only in our valley.
The valley is always colder, darker, lonelier.
Do you know how sugar affects your blood sugar?  May I tell you?  When you eat a chocolate bar, the normal kind, your blood sugar level spikes, you feel so good, but give it a couple of hours and you will find yourself even lower then before.  If you eat too much sugar (you’d be surprised as to what counts as too much sugar) on a regular basis you will find your body is slower, sicker, less able to heal itself.  Your body functions at its optimal level when your blood sugar level is stable.
We were not made to live on the mountaintops and in the valleys.  The body of our lives requires a stability, that cushions us from the highs and lows alike.  We need to be sustained by the everyday living, the routine, the real.
When we enjoy our living we won’t need the events, we will enjoy them, we will learn from them and in the process grow.  In this way when the conversations, the traffic tickets, the lice, come they will not derail us.  They will inconvenience us, they will make us uncomfortable, by they will not rob us of the lesson learnt, or the delight felt.
I hope this finds you well and that it encourages you.