Where is the prayer soaking the air

Calling out to Me?

Where are the cries drawing My eyes

Shouting, “Help us to be free”?

Where is the rage at the god of this age

Rising up in a shout?

Where is the power strong for this hour

Breaking the gates to get out?

I’m speaking to you about breakthrough

Wake up and read the times

Reach up (without leaven) into heaven

Take note of all the signs!

What more must I do to speak to you?

When will you start to take note?

Jesus is calling and calling and calling

My Friends, get out of the boat!”

I’ve told you before to knock at the door

Remember the sharks and My net?

It’s time to act and not look back

My Presence is what you will get.

Take hands together, you will change forever

When you see the impact you make.

Do not fear, breakthrough is near

But the Basin is soon to shake!

Many who are lost will be brought to the cross

The blind will be made to see

The lame will walk, the mute will talk

The captives will soon be free!

Here’s the thing, the bell will ring

But what you do with my power

Is what I will ask when your time has passed

Where were you at this hour?”